Month: January 2011

Piezography for Canon in Development

Why no Piezography for the Epson 4900, 7900 and 9900? Installing 3rd party inks into Epson printers has become more and more of a challenge over the years. The use of intellichips to monitor ink usage present a number of patent challenges to both cartridge and microchip manufacturers. In more current printers, messages of warning are displayed which simply need to be acknowledged. But, the latest printers are even more challenging for other reasons. We have refillable cartridges and have customers who have switched some of their color positions of their Epson 7900 and 9900 printers to ConeColor inks. They work well. But, the reason we will not be supplying Piezography into these printers is not because of chips and cartridges. Rather our software suppliers can not support these modern printers with the specialized software necessary to print seven monochromatic inks with them. ErgoSoft informed us that they can not provide Piezography K7 built-in profile support on the StudioPrint RIP for the X900 printers. They will continue to provide support for Epson printer models previous to the X900. QuadTone RIP has supported our inks even longer than ErgoSoft. But, QTR informed us that they are unable to update their printer driver library code for the new X900 printers. Epson provided codes for previous generations of printers but the new X900 codes are not available to QuadTone RIP. I will continue...

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Digital negatives and film part 2

UPDATE: Piezography Digital Negative has taken a GIANT leap forward and is now called PiezoDN. Read more about it here:¬† <OLDER CONTENT>   I had no idea when I blogged my digital negative process that I would be so overwhelmed by questions and queries. So, I best post a more complete explanation of the product itself, the process in how it is used, and how it differs from a regular Piezography printing system. Explanation Piezography digital film is a subset of Piezography that uses a modified Selenium MPS ink shade set and a unique QTR curve. The modification to...

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