Month: September 2011

Jon Cone Uses Custom Inkset for Sutra Exhibition Photo Prints

Share Reprinted by permission from Great Output Jon Cone Uses Custom Inkset for Sutra Exhibition Photo Prints Here’s a story that vividly illustrates the distinction between the increasingly automated process of “digital printing” and the fine art of “digital printmaking.”After years of traveling and documenting life in India, photographer Yatin Patel has developed a collection of HDR images that offer a new perspective on the nation’s urban environments. Patel recently collaborated with fine-art printmaker Jon Cone of Cone Editions Press to produce 22 large-scale (44 x 78 in.) prints for the “Sutra” exhibition that is currently on display in Orlando. Cone crafted the prints using large sheets of handmade, Japanese kozo paper with a custom-made set of 12 monochromatic inks on a Roland solvent inkjet printer that Cone adapted to run aqueous pigment inks. The Sutra Exhibition  “Sutra,” a word with ancient Sanskrit Indo?Aryan origins, means “a thread or line that holds elements together.” The word describes the essence of the series of images that Yatin photographed in his hometown of Ahmedabad, India. Having lived in both India and the Western world, Yatin felt compelled to explore his roots and the lifestyle he had taken for granted. Each scene offers an intimate, richly detailed reflection of some of the threads that define lives and cultures. The images show how architecture, humanity, and ancient and contemporary surroundings can co-exist in...

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Epson makes a tiny step in the right direction

Share Opinion Epson announced this week that they are going to be packaging all of their ink cartridges in 100% recycled paper. I think that this is a positive step in the right direction. But, it does not address a significantly greater environmental impact caused by the design of their ink cartridges. Epson designs their ink cartridges for the USA market so that they can not be re-used, and are nearly impossible to be refilled. Recycling programs convert the plastic cartridges along with their residual ink and attached microchip into “energy” by incinerating them. Obviously, this is not an ecologically friendly way to recycle materials, nor a sensible way for consumers to consume consumables when an obvious alternative is being marketed outside the USA. From Epson’s Sept 19, 2011 Press Release: All Epson packaging for consumer retail ink cartridges in the U.S. and Canada will consist of 100 percent recycled paperboard that can also be recycled when empty.  By converting to recycled paperboard instead of virgin paperboard, less solid waste will be produced.  In addition, by diverting fiber that would otherwise go into a landfill, the CO2 that would be emitted from decomposition of the material in a landfill is avoided, resulting in nearly one million pounds of solid waste eliminated per year.  This move also eliminates the production of waste water equivalent to over 17 Olympic size swimming...

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EPSON releases new CIS system printers

Share Epson recently released two new inkjet printers that are fed by Epson designed CISS bulk ink tanks. That should be huge news, but there has been no press on that here in the USA. The Epson designed CISS tanks are filled by the customer from Epson 70ml bottles of ink. The tubing from the external CISS ink tanks feed directly to the print heads from outside the printer and are designed quite well. Epson getting into the CISS market seems like a tip of the hat to all the third party ink vendors who have been singing the praises of CISS systems for more than a decade. InkjetMall first began selling CISS systems about 1999.  We began manufacturing our own in 2002. Strange how things go.  Stranger still that a 70ml bottle of Epson ink is priced at only $5.50. The EPSON L100 and L200 printers are capable of printing at 5760 x 1440 and produce photographic quality gradations. These are serious systems both priced under $200.00. The L100 prints. The L200 also scans! Epson markets these new printers with the slogan “Print and Save More with the World’s First Original Ink Tank System.” And according to Kazuo Nakamura, General Manager of Inkjet Printers and Design Department at Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson’s latest product launch helps users to produce cost-effective prints. I almost want someone to pinch me. I feel...

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