Month: April 2012

Photoshop CS6 Beta/Mac

This is the Piezography workflow for Adobe CS6 Photoshop beta. One of our fellow Piezographers,  Tracy Valleau, alerted us recently to the new Printing Policy of Adobe Photoshop CS6. From this version forward, Photoshop will no longer permit printing without Color Management. Further, they will not permit Color Management in which an image is converted into the same space as the source space. While they plan to provide a printer utility to users who wish to print without Color Management, it is currently buggy. Mac users who print from Photoshop and want to participate in the public Beta of...

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Digital Negative Update

August 1, 2013: Exciting news! The new Piezography2 Digital Negative and Print System is available. This system allows for the simultaneous printing of both Piezography prints and digital negatives from the same system without any ink swapping. You can now proof your images with Piezography and then make a digital negative when you are ready.  The below posting is about an earlier version that required swapping out inks to achieve the same. We will update this blog post soon with links to the new systems and our further explanation of it.  I. Background May 22, 2012 This update is a way to use both Piezography Digital Negative and the Piezography K7 printing systems together by swapping out two ink positions and using newly reorganized QTR curves when one wants to make digital negatives – and then swapping back in the two original Piezography ink positions in order to make prints. The Piezography Digital Negative System was developed to find a way to eliminate the artifacts produced when using color inks and the Epson printer driver to make digital negatives. The use of color inks and the Epson printer driver often produces an apparent dithering that looks like a venetian blind. While it gets mostly covered up by alternative processes on textured art papers, it can be a nuisance when making fine silver prints. And while Precision Digital Negatives system...

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