Month: May 2012

Lightroom 4 and Piezography

When you import your photos into Lightroom, they are not actually converted from Gamma 2.2 to the Gamma 1.80 of Lightrooms ProPhoto RGB space. Lightroom 4 does not always use ProPhoto RGB as it’s internal color space as is widely believed. In the Library module for example, it uses Adobe RGB color space to preview everything. The Develop module also displays in the Adobe RGB color space. The only way to escape working in Adobe RGB is to actually select a Soft Proof profile. So Lightroom is using a gamma of 2.2 to display all your images to you, unless you select a Soft Proof profile that differs from Gamma 2.2 or from Adobe RGB.

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Ink•Thrift PRO Dye inks for Epson printers

It is hard to imagine in a world in which higher and higher fade resistance ratings are delivered month after month, that a high-tech ink company would deliver a dye based product. Well, we are and the reason is quite simple. Low Costs Pigment inks, especially high-tech pigment inks, are very expensive for us to make and for customers to buy. The simple reality is that many users of expensive inkjet printers do not actually require pigment ink because they produce short-life graphics. Ink•Thrift dye ink is 1/10 the cost of Epson pigment ink. In this type of economy, it is wise to be frugal with materials if the application supports using a dye based solution. Ink•Thrift can dramatically reduce your square foot printing costs while providing print head performance, the likes of which you may have never experienced before. Significantly Better Gloss than Epson Ultrachrome and HDR Most short life graphics are unnecessarily printed with pigments, when Ink•Thrift dye ink would be sufficient and actually quite superior for many applications. In fact, if you need to produce short-term glossy photographs, trade show graphics, or posters we can absolutely knock your socks off with glossiness. Ink•Thrift inks deliver a glossiness that Epson pigment inks cannot. Pigment is a solid material that must compete against the glossiness of the paper it is printed on. Ink•Thrift not only produces significantly better glossiness,...

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New 3800/3880 refillable cartridges

We’ve released another new cartridge with a great chip that acts as an auto-resetter to an Epson OEM chip. The cartridge is very reliable – and yet is very inexpensive. These cartridges are inexpensive enough (less than $20 each) to be able to use for multiple ink sets in the Epson Pro 3800 and 3880 printers. This new cartridge is different than the 150ml refillable cartridge set we have been selling. The benefits besides substantially lower costs is that these can be installed one at a time, can be mixed with Epson carts, and you can close the cover on your printer. The cartridge holds 80ml of ink. That’s the same amount of ink that Epson claims is in their original cartridge. However, you can’t print 80ml ink from an Epson original cartridge. Your net yield from an original cart is about 65-70ml. We know this because we have recycled thousands of used 3800 and 3880 carts. We routinely draw out 15-20ml of ink from original  “empty” Epson cartridges. With refillable carts, you can’t abandon ink like that. You simply refill them again and again and again. Ink is to precious to waste! And carts should not be thrown away after one use. The benefits of having an inexpensive refillable cartridge such as our new 80ml refillable 3800/3880 cartridge is that we can offer a complete flushing cart system...

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