Month: September 2012

Sandy King on Carbon Printing with Piezography Digital Negatives

Sandy King was kind enough to allow me to share his observations about the Piezography Digital Negative ink set and his use of it with the carbon process. If you have an interest in the alternative process of carbon printing – there is no better resource than his carbon process yahoo group. If you own a printer that works with Jon Cone’s Digital Negative Methodology #3 system I would recommend it for high quality digital negatives for carbon printing. I have installed this inkset on my Epson 3800 and after a couple of weeks of experimentation am getting negatives for carbon printing that are...

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The Differences Between Apples and Apples

A quick update for our Mac customers struggling with various versions of the Apple OSX operating systems since 10.4.7 The short of this is that the Apple OS has been growing (from a painful color management perpective) since the introduction of 10.5. And we here at Piezography now need to provide some instructions for users who have different combinations of Mac OS and Photoshop. Our Windows users have a pleasant ride because they use a standalone version of QuadTone RIP. Mac Users must use the File / Print command and that calls Apple (literally) into play. Mac OS notices...

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