Month: January 2013

Piezography on Paros

I started this blog entry almost immediately upon my return from this journey. And then the unthinkable happened. My computer crashed taking more than 100GB of images with it. All of the images that I had shot in Greece, along with everything else important to me vanished in a moment. Only just recently, I have finally recovered my images (barely enough of them) to illustrate this blog post. I couldn’t imagine it without photos of John and Jane Pack. I had taken so many of the center and the Island and they are all gone – though my memories...

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R3000, 4900, and XL-676 cartridge batteries

We sell a refillable cartridge for the R3000,  Pro 4900 and XL-676 series in which each cartridge has an innovative built-in chip resetter system. It connects to a pair of contact points that you short together with a paper clip or tweezers. When you bridge this gap between the two points, the chip is reset to full. The function is provide by a very tiny battery which you can replace yourself. How long does it last? We’ve been selling this cartridge now for more than a year and have a pretty good understanding that most should last a year. Some last about...

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Our new Tech Support forum

Everyone loved our old technical support system. You went online to Inkjetmall and filled out a form on the website and we solved your issues. So why the change to a new forum based support system (you ask)? Since we started using our website form, we have logged hundreds and hundreds of requests for the same issues which are easily solved by reading the manual, following the instructions, or reading frequently asked questions. An example is that we logged 46 cases of customers who forgot to pull the vent tabs off their desktop carts – which resulted in no...

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