Month: October 2016

Piezography Pro pre-release news

There has never been a photographic printing process like this before. At Cone Editions Press and InkjetMall we are deeply committed to the artistic process and over the years, Lewis Hine’s life, work, seminal photograph Power house mechanic working on steam pump, 1920 has captivated our attention. It’s personal for us. We’ve used the photograph internally as a validation and R&D image and we developed this ink set as almost an homage to his work and other great photographers both past and present. His trailblazing lives on through the work of the great artists who continue to print their images at the...

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QuadtoneRIP Ink Seperation & Calibration Mode

This is a small taste of what is covered in the Piezography Community Edition, available for free right here. Often one needs to print densities from 0 percent of ink to 100 percent of ink from each individual channel of one’s printer to diagnose possible hardware or ink issues. This page describes how to do just that. The QTR Print Tool is necessary when printing from Mac 10.6.8 or higher, for accurate output (other printing applications have screwed up color management that will produce poor Piezography output). 2017 UPDATE: We have created a new custom ink seperation file that you can...

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The Proof of Piezography

It can be helpful to have a reference image to print and check your Piezography system, or compare to other systems. This “Proof of Piezography” image consists of a fine line section to check detail, as well as sections to see separation in the extreme shadow and highlight transitions, and a 21 step strip to check linearization. Download the full size printable image file: here. Print this image with a maintained and linear Piezography system, then compare to other printing workflows, such as the Epson driver, to see how Piezography can achieve far better results with linear output and separation...

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