Month: March 2017

SureColor Cartridge Recycling *And possible chip reset!

With your help we’re going to supply our inks into the Epson SureColor P-5000, P-6000, P-7000, P-8000, P-9000, P-10000 & P-20000 printers Some recent developments have moved us forward in our pursuit of providing inks for the SureColor P5000, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000, P10000, and P20000 printers. These printer models have been engineered by Epson to not work with other brands of cartridges. We believe we are close to supplying a solution that will not cause the printer to lock-up and will not infringe upon EPSON patents. However, what we need are lots and lots of empty OEM cartridges...

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Piezography Pro inks are now online at InkjetMall

Piezography Pro inks are now online at InkjetMall The Piezography Pro dual-quad ink set for 9 ink printers includes photo and matte blacks, Gloss Chroma Optimizer, and dark, medium and light grays in both warm and cool tone. The Piezography Pro dual-quint ink set for 11 ink printers includes photo and matte blacks, Gloss Chroma Optimizer, and dark, medium, light, and very light grays in both warm and cool tone. You can learn all about Piezography ink at...

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Cone Editions Press 2017 Digital Print Workshops

Cone Editions Press Digital Print Workshops is the longest running workshop program in the world. Cone Editions Press pioneered digital printmaking in 1984 and began offering workshops shortly after. The program is designed by Cathy and Jon Cone, the founders of Cone Editions Press. Cathy is the Creative Director at Cone Editions Press and leads the group critiques or can provide one-on-one guidance if you prefer. Jon Cone is the Master Printer of Cone Editions. Together they have designed these workshops to offer you a fabulous experience. There are dozens of workshops being offered by organizations all around the...

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Impression Products v. Lexmark Inkjet hits the Supreme Court

An opinion by Jon Cone. This is a strange newsletter topic, but it concerns a matter that was argued before the Supreme Court this week and it affects all of our customers in one way or another. With only 8 Justices sitting, partisanship has been more practically avoided. Previously, the ninth Justice, the late Anthony Scalia was not known for siding with corporations against consumers. Further, he was an originalist that viewed corporations as citizens even though there is no mention of a corporation in the Constitution. He once said that, “like Social Security”, which he believed to be...

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Piezography Pro second batch inks update!

Look for Piezography Pro inks online at InkjetMall on Tuesday, March 28!  We expect to be swamped with orders and will make every effort to ship as quickly as we can on a first-come-first-served basis.  The service you select for shipping will be used as your order becomes available for shipping. Piezography Pro is our first small batch ink set. Small batches let us tightly control the precise L*ab values from batch to batch for each of the 11 inks. This batch’s margin of +/- change in comparison to the first is barely measurable in both L* and *AB. We craft these tightly-controlled...

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