Piezography® versions of Agfa Brovira and Portriga!

Absolutely yes.

Many of our customers have been lamenting the loss of Agfa Portriga and Brovira paper and chemistry. They were extremely popular fine black and white darkroom papers that had a unique warmth. I tend to think of Portriga (and even some versions of Brovira) as having an “azo greenish” warmth. But, Agfa Brovira was often selenium bathed to bring out a purply gray tone. I am offering my own paper in combination with two different Piezography Glossy ink systems that produce either the warmth or the coldness of these two extremes.

Piezography Warm Neutral Glossy on JonCone Studio Type 5 paper produces that warm Agfa Portriga look with a perfect air-dried glossy quality. This paper has a very smooth even gelatin appearance. While I do not offer contrast grades of the paper, you can control contrast to your liking in Photoshop. You’ll think you’re back in the darkroom.

Piezography Selenium Glossy on JonCone Studio Type 5 paper produces that neutrally cold version on the warm tone Brovira paper that many Agfa printers miss.

Warm Neutral Glossy

Selenium Tone Glossy

Each of these kits work with QuadTone RIP. For the glossy options we are offering free K7 custom curves for your choice of paper. But even though JonCone Studio Type 5 paper works great with Epson and HP and even Canon inks – it was designed to compliment these two glossy compatible Piezography ink sets. It brings out the best in the system. It’s the same paper I have been using in my own studio.

Piezography Glossy is simply a perfect replication of darkroom air-dried glossy printing. If you’ve been making Epson ABW prints, you may have noticed that ABW paper and ink gloss is not equalized and there is a great deal of bronzing and metamerism evident. Piezography Glossy eliminates all that – plus it produces higher resolution, better shadow and highlight detail, smoother tonal transitions, and much greater depth to the actual ink surface. We offer 4 additional shades of ink than does Epson ABW and print significantly more ink from the midtones to the highlights, and from the midtones to dMax. Piezography Glossy is the higher standard.

We’re driving down the cost of ownership and increasing the ecological responsibilities of our customers.

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Jon Cone