Category: Piezography Development

Piezography 2

We are nearly ready to roll out the release version of Piezography®2. The pre-release versions have been out in the hands of photographers and printmakers for months now. We’ve been customizing solutions on a for ask basis. But, now we are compiling all the curves and making ready the installation packages for QuadTone RIP.

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Now we’re farming! New Piezography Developments

I’m opting for more flexibility than while at the same time still exceeding the capabilities of Epson ABW both in resolution and fidelity. That’s a lot to claim in one sentence… While K7 remains a viable option for those who wish to run it on the new printers, Piezography2 and Piezography Pro2 become creative power platforms. The original Piezography systems and curves will continue to be supported!

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