Date & Time:

Saturday, Nov. 11th – 10am to 4:30pm


Vermont Center for Photography
49 Flat Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301
(Down the alley next to the Parking Garage)


1 day workshop, $150 for non-members, $120 for members. Online registration below.


Walker Blackwell is an educator, printmaker, artist, web designer, community organizer, and organic vegetable farmer who came to the digital field as a teenager during the flux between analogue and digital in the late nineties. He founded Black Point Editions print lab in Chicago, co-founded and backed Latitude Chicago (a non-profit community access photo center). He then progressed to manage the community lab at Light Work in Syracuse NY and now heads up the R&D arm of InkjetMall and Cone Editions Press in Vermont making fine art carbon inks.

Course Description:

Walker Blackwell of Cone Editions Press will take the group through the PiezoDN (Piezography Digital Negative) system for silver darkroom printing using a modified Epson 3880 with monochrome carbon inks installed and printing on Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP film. The PiezoDN system enables digital negative printing at the same fidelity as silver negatives and also matches the darkroom print to the monitor.  Now artists can print in the darkroom from their digital files at very high quality.

About Cone Editions Press:

Cone Editions is the studio that originated digital printmaking and is where fine black & white photographic inkjet printing was invented. We have produced some of the most important exhibitions of our time, and continue to work with photographers and fine artists all over the world.


Minimum of three, maximum of 7 participants

Materials students should bring:

Bring hard-drives and/or laptops with files that are nearly “print-ready”.

Materials provided at the workshop:

Gelatin silver paper, contact print frames, printer, ink, OHP film, & spectrophotometer for demonstration of calibration.


  • Beginning at 10am, we start with introductions and then progress to an overview of the system and a print calibration demonstration.
  • At this point everyone opens their files. A pro monitor will be provided so we can properly view tonalities before printing. We do final color corrections and then queue through the neg printer.
  • We hair dry the negs and start printing in the darkroom. We’ll start with a standard time and go from there!
  • After everyone has done one print we will break for lunch.
  • After lunch there will be a more in-depth demonstration of what Piezography is and then the rest of the day is neg printing and darkroom silver-printing.
  • We call lights-on at 3:30pm to allow for drying and retouching to occur.
  • If we have time we’ll pull prints from the darkroom and have a short discussion/view of the prints and Q&A related to monochrome digital and darkroom printing.

Online Registration is at VCP:

Follow this link to VCP


Email or call 802-251-6051