Cone Editions Press digital print workshops are unique in that they focus on printing. Everything is focused to making the best possible prints. We supply our attendees with large screen calibrated displays. You work in a calibrated environment. You have access to many printers. You do the actual printing and the printing is not an after-thought that comes after days of tedious digital demonstration. The printing is what you come to Cone Editions Press for and we will immerse you on the first day. We’re unique in that we provide the entire package of calibration, imaging skill, highest standards printing, printer maintenance, and best practices as they relate to a profession studio (Cone Editions Press).

Here is a sweet Summer special!  Bring a friend, a relative, a significant other…  Reserve two seats in a  workshop and receive a $150 discount off each. We’ll apply that as an instant rebate when you pay the deposit for these on our web store. You’ll pay the balance of the two workshop seats 30 days prior to the workshops. The Promo Code for this special is BRINGAFRIEND.  Enter that into the Promo Code box in our shopping cart. And by the way, if you want to spread the love to yourself that Promo Code also works for two different workshops for one person! The Promo Code is good until August 10.

These workshops take place at Cone Editions Press in East Topsham, Vermont. Each is limited to 8 participants. The cost of a Cone Editions workshop is $1,500 and includes all materials. A very delicious and healthy lunch is included. In the Summer, or if Fall weather is warm, Jon and Cathy Cone host a paella party on the outside covered deck behind Cone Editions Press on Wednesday night. We also keep the studio open for extra print time that day. You can bring significant others to this party and enjoy our Vermont rural location and probably (if not definitely) the best paella you will have ever eaten. We’ll even teach you how to make paella if you’re interested.

That red arrow on this Milton Bradley puzzle box cover is Cone Editions Press, its pasture, and its hilltop. This is the birthplace of contemporary digital printing (pre-Epson) and where nearly all the significant firsts in contemporary inkjet printing ink for IRIS Graphics and Epson printers was first invented or developed. Like what for instance? Cone Editions invented quad black inkjet printing; invented multi-toning monochromatic inkjet printing; developed one of the first archival inks; invented light blacks for Epson printers; offered the first pigment ink for Epson photo printers; first to produce color managed color pigment inks for Epson printers; invented the darkest matte black ink that has ever been offered to this day; etc. If you want to increase your skills in digital printing, you can’t choose a better location than Cone Editions Press! 

This year we are offering two different types of workshops.

The first is called Fine Art Black & White Printmaking and is a 4 day workshop in which participants will explore both Piezography and Piezography Pro systems. You won’t be forced to participate in one over the other – and can gravitate towards one or the other. But, it gives you a chance to compare them, print with different ink/paper combinations to find your favorites, and explore the new Piezography Professional Edition tools to produce your own linearization curves (one-on-one instruction).

You’ll be able to make prints with the industry’s darkest matte black ink! It is significantly darker than anything from Epson, Canon, HP or other 3rd parties. Add a full stop of dynamic range to your prints!  Because Piezography significantly increases the acuity of an Epson printer – be prepared to learn new imaging techniques to raise your skill level and to unlearn old habits that are adequate for OEM systems but inadequate for Piezography systems. We try to un-complicate what is necessary to make the highest standard black & white prints. Filter packages will probably become a thing of the past for you, as you will learn to make your own black & white adjustments rather than depend upon pre-built packages; the reason for that is in producing a much higher standard!

This workshop is loaded with live demonstrations. Participants get to plug into our calibrated displays using their own laptops. You’ll be working in Cone Editions Press studio where Piezography is developed. There are many printers available and lots of great papers. There are so many amenities to this workshop! You’ll even get printer maintenance demonstrations. Staff from InkjetMall will be on hand to offer discounts for supplies purchased during the workshop. Our next Fine Art Black and White Printmaking workshop is August 7-10 and is a great time to be in Vermont. Register here for this one. More are located on our calendar below or click herefor the remaining Fine Art Black and White Printmaking workshops. We offer workshop discounts that make acquiring your own Piezography system very attractive!

The second workshop is called Digital Negatives for Platinum and Palladium and is a digital negative workshop where you will learn to make your own digital negatives. And these digital negatives are the best in the world and are created using a semi-automated software called PiezoDN. What you learn can be transferred to any darkroom or alt-process negative. We only demonstrate with Platinum and Palladium because it is “human safe” and “country plumbing safe” and eco-friendly. We’re sensitive to that up here in Vermont! So, please come if you are a seasoned and experienced Pt/Pd printmaker. And please come if you’ve no experience in Pt/Pd. This workshop is appropriate for both. The main concept here is learning how to make the best digital negative on Earth!

Everyone gets a chance to go through the process one-on-one. The whole concept behind PiezoDN is that you use our Master Curve to make a film that is used to produce a contact print. After processing the contact print, you use a spectro to measure the contact print – enter the data into PiezoDN software – and it produces a perfect curve for QTR to make a film perfectly suited to that process. PiezoDN uses Piezography inks to produce tens of thousands of more gray levels than negatives printed with color inks. The PiezoDN linearization breathes all kinds of life into negatives and positives used for Carbon Print, Cyanotype, Gravure, Silver Print, Pt/Pd…

…and you get to make lots of Pt/Pd prints at the same time. All in all this is an incredible 4-day workshop and value if even for the amount of prints that are made. We offer workshop discounts that make acquiring your own PiezoDN and Piezography system very attractive!


I hope that you can join us for one of these workshops here in Vermont.

Here is the calendar of our upcoming Digital Print Workshops for 2017: