We sell a refillable cartridge for the R3000,  Pro 4900 and XL-676 series in which each cartridge has an innovative built-in chip resetter system. It connects to a pair of contact points that you short together with a paper clip or tweezers. When you bridge this gap between the two points, the chip is reset to full. The function is provide by a very tiny battery which you can replace yourself.

How long does it last? We’ve been selling this cartridge now for more than a year and have a pretty good understanding that most should last a year. Some last about 6-9 months. We do understand that the battery is always “on”, so the use is associated with idle time as much as feedback time to the Epson Status Monitor and reset time (when the points are shorted).

Here is how you replace the battery (Energizer 377 or equivalent) which you can buy at most drug stores for $2.

1) Remove the plastic chip holder from the R3000 cartridge


2)  Carefully pry the chip off from the front of the plastic chip holder so that it remains hinged on the back. Now you can carefully bend back the battery holder tabs, slide out the battery and insert a new one.



It is not that difficult!

But, we do keep fresh chip holders with resetter chips and batteries in stock at InkjetMall. Right now is a great time to buy as we have a fresh supply. You will find these on Inkjetmall for the R3000 at only $8.64 or $69.84 for a set of nine! And for the Pro 4900 at $19.84 each or $196.46 for a set of 11. If you would just like to change the batteries we sell two batteries for $3.00.