A new product from Vermont PhotoInkjet for a wide range of Epson desktop printers. The 77, 79, and 98/99 range of EPSON printers use a very long lasting dye ink called Claria® that is compatible on both matte and glossy papers. But, these printers use tiny and expensive one time use cartridges that contribute to significant amounts of eco-waste. The amount of single use cartridges that are thrown away into landfills is staggering. Some estimates have it at more than 450 million carts a year in the USA alone.

InkjetMall’s new EasyFill® system for Epson Claria printers combines easily replaceable ink capsules with keys that are inserted into the printer where cartridges are normally installed. We are also announcing a brand new formulation of dye ink called InkThrift CL which is designed for better longevity than our InkThrift PRO inks.


The EasyFill system is a brand new concept in reusable and refillable inking systems. It offers improvements by separating the wet components from the electronic components and allowing the user of this system to keep their hands and environment clean when refilling.

InkjetMall is pre-filling capsules with the new InkThrift CL inks which are moderate longevity dye inks designed for printing photographs and are imitative of the EPSON Claria color gamut. These pre-filled ink capsules can then easily be refilled and ReUsed many times over. We are supplying pre-filled capsules in sets of three each color or in sets of six (1 each color).

EasyFill pre-filled InkThriftCL ink capsules are available in sets of six or in individual colors in sets of three.

EasyFill pre-filled InkThriftCL ink capsules are available in sets of six or in individual colors in sets of three.


Our new EasyFill capsules can be shared amongst any printer using the EasyFill semi-permanent ink tank frame. Sets of ink tank frames are available for three printer ranges allowing shared ink resources as well as increased productivity by sharing hardware resources. The three different EPSON printer families covering at least 18 popular Claria ink models such use the exact same Claria ink or InkThrift CL ink:

77 model EZ keys fit the EPSON Stylus Photo R260, R280, R380, RX580, RX595, RX680.

79 model EZ keys fit the EPSON Stylus Photo R1400, R1430 (US model).

98/99 model EZ keys fit the EPSON Artisan 700, 710, 725, 730, 800, 810, 835, 837

The plastic key frame includes the chip that is used to report the remaining ink level. The ink capsule snaps into the plastic frame and is replaced when the chip reports it is empty. The empty capsule is then replaced with another filled capsule. The chip resets when it is reinserted into the printer.

We will sell the first set of capsules pre-filled. You can choose to buy as many of these pre-filled capsules as you wish to. When you want to refill them yourself, it requires only a syringe and needle. We will begin selling our new InkThrift CL in 220ml bottles. If you do not choose to refill them, we ask that you dispose of them responsibly. The plastic is recyclable and InkThrift ink is non-toxic.

Now available at InkjetMall.