We had several requests recently from customers who wanted to try the Piezography Carbon inks. They had recently read two interesting discussions on the Large Format Photography Forum between Sandy King and Mark McCormick-Goodhart who is the director of the Aardenburg Imaging & Archives (the leading inks/media longevity testing facility for fine artists and photographers.) Those discussions are (Permanence of non-carbon/sepia Piezography) and Jon Cone on Carbon Piezography.

While we haven’t quite made the announcement that All Piezography Ink Sets are NOW Matte and Glossy compatible – these try me kits on 8 position printers are matte and glossy compatible. So this is an opportunity to see not only the gorgeous velvety matte surface – but also how deep and dark carbon can get on baryta and other non-matte surfaces.

Pre-charged refillable carts with Piezography Carbon

While all Piezography inks can withstand long term exhibition, the Piezography Carbon inkset uniquely is the only ink set from any manufacturer that has met the strict Aardenburg criteria in both the upper and lower limits. In short, it is literally bullet-proof. If longevity is the most important criteria for your work – Piezography Carbon is the only ink set that you should be using. Anything else appears to have compromises.

However, I am not suggesting that longevity is the most important criteria, or that you can’t live with compromises. Many photographers claim that longevity is the most important factor in their decision when buying b&w capable printers. It is clear that Piezography Carbon is an exceptional ink. But, Carbon is a very unique substance. Along with it’s extraordinary half-life of 5000 years comes a warmth that may not be your cup of tea.

Piezography Carbon’s (like all the Piezography ink sets) final tone is actually determined by paper white. It is possible therefore, to get a very wide range of expression out of it by using warmer and cooler papers. The idea behind these try me kits is that for a small investment you can try Carbon. If you have one of our other Piezography ink sets installed, just remove them and pop in the Carbon carts. One head cleaning should remove all residual ink from the previous set of carts. If you have ConeColor or Epson color inks installed it will take two head cleanings.

You will run out of ink in one position most likely, rather than draw the entire set of carts down equally. But you will be able to make more than enough prints to get an idea of what the tone of this ink is like. If you want to continue using them, you only need to buy bottles of ink and some filling syringes.

You will find the tryme carts for Carbon located here for the following printers:

$90 Carbon (matte only) for 1400 click here

$120 Carbon (matte and glossy) for R1800 click here

$120 Carbon (matte and glossy) for R1900 click here

$120 Carbon (matte and glossy) for R2400 click here

$120 Carbon (matte and glossy) for R2880 click here