With your help we’re going to supply our inks into the Epson SureColor P-5000, P-6000, P-7000, P-8000, P-9000, P-10000 & P-20000 printers

Some recent developments have moved us forward in our pursuit of providing inks for the SureColor P5000, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000, P10000, and P20000 printers. These printer models have been engineered by Epson to not work with other brands of cartridges.

We believe we are close to supplying a solution that will not cause the printer to lock-up and will not infringe upon EPSON patents.

However, what we need are lots and lots of empty OEM cartridges from these printers (with their chips intact).

If you box up your used cartridges to send to us, we’ll e-mail you a UPS call tag to bring them here at our expense, and give you an InkjetMall credit of $2.50 for each.

Please save your cartridges – DO NOT toss them. If you know of others with empty OEM carts from these printers, please tell them about our program.

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