Piezography® is a registered trademark of Cone Editions Press, the inventors and developers of Piezography sophisticated, monochromatic, inkjet-conversion-kits designed to superlatize black & white printing on supported Epson printers. We have tens of thousands of customers world-wide including Universities, Museums, print studios, service bureaus, publishing houses, and countless photographers from every walk of life in nearly every corner of the world.

Piezography has inspired all three of the major printer OEMs to produce light black ink options in their color printers. Piezography has been continuously raising the bar since 1999 when Jon Cone was declared PDN Digital Innovator of the Year for his pioneering work in producing the world’s first monochromatic photographic inkjet system.

Today the OEMs are still playing catch-up. Piezography uses no fewer than 6 and as many as 10 shades of carbon-based black ink to produces tens of thousands of more gray levels than OEM systems which use color inks in combination with 2 to 4 shades of black.

And if you have one foot or both feet still planted in your darkroom, introduce our PiezoDN digital negative to your silver paper, your Pt/Pd, carbon, cyanotype, salt print, or you name it alt process. You can make Piezography prints with the same system that makes the world’s best negatives.

Piezography is the world’s best. We’re a small Vermont company made up of artists, photographers, alchemists, chemists, algorists, and the best customer representatives you’ll ever know.