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    by Published on December 16th, 2012 09:36 PM   

    This is the InkjetMall Product Support forum. This is where InkjetMall provides product support for its own products and only to its customers. Jon Cone, Dana Hillesland, and Kelly Chaffee of InkjetMall are the moderators of this site and responsible for providing the technical support. You must be a customer of InkjetMall to post for help, or contribute to helping others. You will need your Customer ID# in order to register to participate on this site. However, you do not need to be a customer to read the messages on this site. But, you can not become a member if you are not a customer. In the future we may consider adding technical support for general Epson issues.

    If you are looking to become a customer of InkjetMall products and would like to ask for information - you can go to the InkjetMall storefront and click on the Live Help button for Pre-Sales help.

    If you're ready to post a technical question (Post a New Thread), the forum is located here or on the above Menu Bar just under our Logo! But, make sure the question has not already been asked and answered. You may get a much quicker resolve by first reading the FAQs which are available here or in the Frequently Asked Questions in the Sections on the left column. Product Manuals are there, too. The latest News is also available.

    The intention here is to deliver important news and updates about our products, as well as provide the latest instructions and manuals, and allow our users who get stumped to read through the FAQs and the questions of the User Forums. Nearly everything and anything that can go wrong with an installation has already happened to someone. We believe that this will be the quickest way that we can support you because it's a 24/7 place. We're only open at InkjetMall 9a-5p Mon - Fri (EST).

    Please read the instructions before installing your product. You may be here because you didn't read them first. If that sounds like you - please download and read the latest manual. The next step is reading the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). If your answers are not there, then read through the questions in the Users Forum. If and only if it hasn't been asked before, go ahead and ask for help. Be specific so we do not have to drag information out of you. We will give you a prompt replay to your issue. When an issue is solved, we will change the subject to reflect that.

    If you're not quite sure how to ask for help - check out this InkjetMall blog posting on the subject.

    If you've had some experience with our products that someone else has not and you think that you can be helpful - please feel free to give your answers as well. There is more than one way to solve a problem.

    Finally, if you hate reading manuals and you just want someone to read it through with you on the phone or hold your hand through the process - then you can also count on InkjetMall's Hand Holding Support. It comes at a cost! But, if that is what you prefer - please click here.

    If for any reason you can not figure out how to post a techsupport question, watch this video: